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Current Projects at the Basilica

The Portico, Bell Tower, and Pope John Paul II Visitors Center exterior lighting has been completed!

This extensive project was both a historical enhancement and safety precaution. Decorative and higly functional lighting now fills the Portico, helping to emphasize the texture and details of the beautiful architecture and murals. Two triangular pediments, inside tof the Bell Towers and the stained-glass rosette window are also illuminated.


The $230,000 enhancements included the installation of 103 LED lanterns and lights. This project is possible due to the overwhelming support we have received in the last few years. Mayor Tom Barrrett attended an unveiling of the new lighting on November 12, 2013.


Exterior Lighting of the Copper Dome: $700,000
~ Carefully balanced textural lighting will articulate the dimensional details of not only the Dome, but also its context within the whole structure. Beginning with highlights on the arched windows below, the base of the Dome will glow in a halo of light blending up toward the Cupola above, finishing with definition of the Cupola windows with a spiritual glow from within, and culminating in the shining Cross. The lighting will bring a sculptural symbol which rises 250 feet into proper place in the Milwaukee skyline.


Urgent Masonry Repairs: $2,000,000-$3,000,000
~ The Basilica is experiencing significant deterioration of the stone and roof ledges. As the stone erodes away, these structural flaws pose a safety hazard to those below as well as affect the beautiful detail of the Basilica. We are currently scheduling another inspection to assess the best approaches to the masonry issues. The spalling and breakage of the decorative ledges and stone pieces has reached dangerous levels. We are loosing the beauty of the Basilica piece by piece.

ledgeledge 2

General Roof Repair: $1,000,000-1,500,000
~ There is standing water and lack of waterproofing between copper caps and masonry ledges. In addition there are open or cracked solder joints in field and gutter seams, corner seams, down spout openings, and flashing joints with small holes throughout roof areas.

Reinvigorating the Annual Fund: $300,000
~ The Annual Fund is an important vehicle to create sustainable yearly maintenance dollars.

Glass Repair: $300,000
~ The stained glass windows are also an upcoming high priority project.
The windows in the stairwells and the Sacristy, along with the frames in
the Pavilion are deteriorated due to weather and age. This year, we will be
exploring the best solutions to the windows issues.



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