Illuminate the Magnificence!

Something is missing at the Basilica.

The most characteristic feature of St. Josaphat Basilica is its magnificent interior dome depicting the history of the Catholic faith, from the beginning of time to the present, in the stunning artwork of Gonippo Raggi, an Italian artist from the 1920s. Upon entering the Basilica, one’s eyes are immediately drawn upward. The lighting surrounding the interior dome, however; is turned off. The dome is dark.

Three years ago the interior dome lights were shorting out and proved a significant fire risk. Since then, borrowed, standalone theatrical lights have been used periodically to provide lighting. We are asking for your help to fund this project to install eight LED lighting units in the dome, allowing the dome to once again be illuminated.

In addition to these more efficient and longer-lasting LED units, the control panel needs to be replaced. Presently the Basilica utilizes two lighting control panels that power all the lights in the Basilica. These panels are aging, failing, and have limited parts availability. Installing one new controller would improve the capacity to control all of the existing lights in the Basilica as well as the new interior dome lights. The cost of the interior dome lights, wiring, and controller including labor is $130,000.00.

With your gift, we can replace the existing controller/dimmer as well as illuminate the dome, once again accentuating its stunning beauty, and the textures and colors of Raggi’s paintings. Thank you!

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