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New City Initiative to Focus on Basilica Neighborhood

The Basilica of St. Josaphat is the anchor of the Lincoln Village neighborhood. The St. Josaphat Basilica Foundation is committed to increasing its focus on the livelihood of the people of the Lincoln Village neighborhood. They are members of our Basilica community. With the original Polish population still maintaining a presence, more than fifty percent […]
Two police officers with a large horse.

Who’s the Mounted Patrol Officer in Your Neighborhood?

By JEFFREY JENSEN Milwaukee — Officer John Pederson, amiable, 22-year veteran of the MPD Mounted Patrol, greeted the visitor to the new, posh MKE Urban Stables complex on E. Lincoln Avenue with a smile and a “Welcome to the ‘Barn’”. But notably, later, two hours into a most impressive guided tour of the immaculate 27,000-square-foot […]

Joe Could Use a Lift

by Jeffrey Jensen Milwaukee — Joe Schubert could use a lift. Joe doesn’t necessarily need one, mind you, but he could certainly use one. And if Joe does receive that lift someday, the St. Josaphat Basilica family of parishioners will be the main beneficiary—and spiritually elevated themselves. “It’s 50 steps up…50 steps down. I basically […]
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Basilica Welcomes New Director of Sacred Music

by JEFFREY JENSEN “God is Good Y’all” … “Shalom Y’all” Folks, please extend a warm Wisconsin welcome (he’ll need one since he’s never had to endure one of our winters) to Texas native, Lee Gwozdz (pronounced “Gwoats”), the new Basilica of St. Josaphat Director of Sacred Music, a world-renowned musician and conductor with an impressive […]
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Kenyan Friar to Lead Community Outreach for Basilica of St. Josaphat

by JEFFREY JENSEN Brother Ayub Mwenda, 41, Basilica of St. Josaphat Outreach Coordinator, playfully considers himself “new on this planet,” and “not so interesting”. But spend a few minutes with him and hear about the circuitous route he took before recently landing in Milwaukee, and about the various places around the globe he has called […]
mural titled "Our Lady of Guadalupe"

Local Artist Hopes His Mural Will Inspire Lincoln Village

By any measure, to a casual observer Mauricio Ramirez’s colorful, timely and significant kaleidoscope of outdoor mosaics would be considered a step above…graffiti. But, in fact, for the affable 31-year-old visual artist Mauricio, a rising national presence in the art world, soccer lover and doting father of four-year-old son, Heath, he would probably take no […]
A woman holds a map of the location of her ancestor's home country.

Uncovering Family Mystery Reveals Piece of Basilica History

Part One Just about noon two days before Christmas in 1896, and only a few months into what would become a five-year project building the future Basilica of St. Josaphat, a construction foreman, with seemingly no sense of empathy, was dispatched to find Mrs. Anton Kasprzyk and deliver a somber report. Upon arriving at his […]

Basilica of St. Josaphat Dome Lighting is a Community Effort

Largely through their efforts and dedication, the timely payoff was a highly successful dome lighting ceremony and celebration on the evening of Sept. 21, 2019, the debut of what will become a distinctive, lasting, nightly tradition. And in addition to sharing the multiplicity of the substance of the plan during the tour, Czajka couldn’t help […]

Recommendations to Improve Neighborhood Cooperatively

Lincoln Village Opportunity Strategy Makes Recommendations to Improve Neighborhood Cooperatively The quote chosen for the cake celebrating the rollout of the Lincoln Village Opportunity Strategy was an apt description of the various city agencies, law enforcement, business owners, community groups, and residents coming together to improve the neighborhood. A celebratory cake with an inspiring message […]

Polish Women’s Group Preserves Basilica and City’s Heritage

Susan Mikoś and Edith Melson, both past presidents of Polanki, the Polish Women’s Cultural Club of Milwaukee, recently joined 14 additional members of the organization on a special and fascinating guided tour of the renowned Conrad Schmitt Studios in New Berlin, WI. The entire group was captivated, understandably, as they interacted with the artisans and craftsmen […]

Polish Flat Exhibit Opens at Basilica Visitor Center

Dr. Jill Lackey may well claim the title of “miniaturist” behind the design and construction of the new Polish Flat Exhibit, on display at the Basilica of St. Josaphat Visitor Center starting June 13th, but the term sure runs contrary to the massive research and detail required to put the historical, educational and artistic project […]
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